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Today is Memorial Day, 2014. It is a day each year to reflect and honor our veterans and those who paid the ultimate price serving our country around the globe.

My daddy, Leroy Quitman Booe Sr., served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He was a gunman. Daddy didn't talk much about the war. He enlisted in the Navy at the age of 18, just out of high school, so he would not be drafted into the army. His original enlistment was with the Coast Guard, but Mama said that in war time, the Coast Guard became the Navy.

Daddy had some friends who went to war and gave the ultimate sacrifice; fortunately, he returned, married Mama, and became the father of four children, me being the oldest.

Daddy passed away a few days after 9/11, 2001, but he lives on in our memories--a patriot!

"Summer's End". . . a somewhat sad time, in a way, but Fall offers new opportunities and new experiences. . . new foods! Think about Chili, Apple pie, hot apple cider, Tailgate Parties, football games, school, walks in the country. The list goes on and on!

I've written a song entitled, "Summer's End", and hope to record it soon. It has a melancholy mood. . . kinda like I feel some days when the sun doesn't shine as brightly, the weather cools somewhat. It makes you think about wishing summer would not end. . . that the play days and beautiful weather would last forever. Then fall comes along and stops or slows down the times when we could relax and enjoy our time off. I will keep you posted!

I have been working on a song for over a week that is also "out of the box" for me. It has a flavor of Debussy's impressionistic style, which I thought was interesting and somewhat comforting. (Debussy is one of my very favorite composers.) The beginning so reminded me of soaring through the clouds. . . I kept pondering a title. I finally decided to call it, "Wings of the Morning".

I finished recording it yesterday and hope to get it uploaded in a few days. It is very peaceful. . . I hope it brings you peace as you listen to it.

Have a wonderful week!

It's hard to believe that summer, essentially, is gone and September is here! It is a little "bitter-sweet". Summer always seems to creep away. . . day by day. . . and before you know it, it is gone:(

If you are like me, you had a list of "Things To Do in the Summer", many of which did not get gone! Oh, well. . . there's always next year. .  . hopefully:)

I did compose a song last September which never got recorded. I am going to try to do that this month . . . along with some others I have been working on. A recent title is, "Summer's End". understandably, it has a "sad" feeling to it.

I hope everyone is well, and is looking forward to the future with great anticipation!

Be blessed!

I can't believe it is Friday!!! I also can't believe summer is almost over! But, here in Arkansas, it feels like Fall already! The last few days have been in the low 80's for the high. That's a refreshing change from upper 90's!

My next song I entitled, "Tranquility". . . I finished writing it a few days ago, and have been busy getting it recorded today. The mood is calm, peaceful, tranquil. It is my hope, that the song will bring about a feeling of "tranquility" to the listener.

It is quite an interesting song. . . unlike any I have written before. It is almost bi-tonal. There are a few dissonances which add to the interest, I think. The middle section is very moving.

As soon as I get it uploaded, I will let you know!

Be blessed in all you do!

A couple of weeks ago I began writing a song called "Grace". While "grace" to me is God's unmerited help (Webster's: for regeneration or sanctification), it is also His help to overcome something, be better, do better. I found it had other noteworthy meanings as well.

It is my feeling that we as humans should treat each other with more love and kindness was found in one definition of "grace": "disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency". (I would add that . . . even when we think they may not deserve it:))

I recorded "Grace" Thursday, and plan to get it out as soon as possible. Hopefully, the song will be one that brings about an awareness that we ALL need grace in our lives--to help us and in our relationships with others.

Until that time. . . Be blessed!

In the last couple of days I have uploaded some of the songs from my two albums in music website. The songs can be listened to there as well as my website, CD Baby and iTunes.

One really neat feature about Broadjam is that there are opportunities to send songs to for consideration for films, TV, movies, and other lists. One of my colleagues has a song that has hit the Broadjam charts and moving up. If you are interested in listening to his music, his name is Charles M. Barnes and the song is "Valentine Red"--an awesome song about a wounded warrior returning home.

Have a great day tomorrow filled with blessings!

What's new?

Firstly, an apology that I haven't kept up my music blog in over a year. . .

Secondly, my renewed commitment to update my website on a more regular basis.

Thirdly, I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. .  . I have been writing music and recorded a song for my mother in late May: "To Mama, With Love". My niece liked it so much she played it over and over until Mama unplugged the CD player:)

And now, I am almost finished with a song entitled "Grace". . . Hopefully I will begin recording it soon.

So, until next time, Be Blessed!


Today was a continuation of working on "Freedom's Song". . . I am working on the third section which seems to be "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". I don't quite have it the way I think it needs to be, but it will get there.  I seem to be in a "patriotic" mood. . .

What patriotic song or songs are your favorites?

My latest project is a song called, "Freedom's Song". The introduction sounds like "chimes", then the "A" section is similar to "Born Free". It modulates from the key of C to the key of E-flat for the next section which is "America". We need a resurgence of "Patriotism" in our country! Hopefully, music will help usher that in!

I love the weekends. . . it gives me a chance to "catch up" on things I didn't get done during the week. . . or watch favorite movies!   My husband was watching "Forrest Gump" the other night and the songs really took me back to my teen years.  Isn't it funny how music has such meaning in the different stages of our lives? We listened to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and others. What were your favorite groups or musicians when you were in high school?

I just wanted to say a quick "Hi" to everyone!  Wow, I did not realize I have not updated my website in months! I have been posting on ReverbNation and Facebook, for those of you who are friends and fans in those sites.

Anyway, an apology to those who visited my website recently! I am going to try really hard to post messages and information through my music website.  At least that is my goal!

I hope you all have been well, have listened to really great music, and have a wonderful weekend!

Until later. . .


Hey everybody!

I got an email yesterday that the "Love Themes" CD is available on CD Baby's website! You can find it at! Check it out and let me know what you think!

This CD consists of songs I wrote to musically describe 10 attributes of "Love":  Forgiveness, Kindness, Hope, Kiss, Compassion, and more! Six of the songs are piano solo only with the remaining four being orchestrated by Charles M. Barnes of CMB Music Creations--a very gifted musician in his own right.

The songs on this CD have been described as "peaceful" and "soothing"--something greatly needed in our society today.  I hope you check out the CD today!

Great news!  The UPS truck came today and brought the box of "Love Themes" CD's!  I talked with someone at CD Baby and was told that the CD will be up on their website in a couple of weeks! 

This CD has 10 songs--all about the aspects of "Love"--6 are piano solos and 4 are piano with orchestral accompaniment by Charles M. Barnes of CMB Music Creations. If you like "piano" music, and don't want to wait for the CD to hit the internet, just let me know!  I have some here!  Thanks for visiting!

I have Great News!!! The "Creation: A Musical Tapestry" Video is up on YouTube as well as the website!  It is an awesome artistic display of the creation of nature in the songs "Seas", "Creation", and "Trees"! Kuddos to Jadon Barnes of Movie Madness Pro for creating the video for this project!  If you need a video, contact him!  He will do a great job for you!  Enjoy!

Welcome to my "new" website!  After working on it for a couple of weeks, I think we are "ready to go"!  I hope you enjoy visiting us as we travel this road of music enjoyment together, and that you will be touched by the music you hear.

I am hoping to get the "Love Themes" CD out shortly. . . I will announce it, hopefully, in a couple of weeks!  Enjoy!


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